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Dan Brotzman

Dan Brotzman is an ASE certified mechanic in heavy truck electrical, diesel and gas.

Dealing With Spline Rear Axle Hubs

By Dan Brotzman At one time or another, most of us will end up dealing with the chore of removing a rear tire and hub...

Fixing Drips and Runs in Paint

Some time back in Green Magazine we covered how to deal with a paint run in primer paint and promised we would look into...

Fixing a Throttle Friction Disc.

Sometimes just little things can reduce the joy we get from our tractors, like a throttle lever that won’t stay in the position we...
New Generation Fuel Tank Leak

New Generation Fuel Tank Leak

Recently on the internet there have been multiple folks with questions about removing their John Deere New Generation fuel tank to fix a leak,...
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