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Richard Hain


Save Those Pony Coils!

A few weeks ago, I was trying to diagnose a problem I was having with my 70 diesel. The pony motor (or starting engine...

The One Man John Deere Parade

If you are the type who has trouble lining up enough drivers for all of your tractors at parade time, perhaps you should take...

A Deere Combine You Might Not Have Heard Of

You might be able to trace the history of Deere combines from the 55 to the S780, but have you ever heard of the...

One of a Kind Diesel B

My fascination with John Deere tractors goes way back.My dad had an “A” and a “B” on our farm that he taught me to...


This week's video features a collector known to many, Cork Groth and his GPO tractor.

Moving Dirt With a 840 Two-Cylinder Diesel

The 840 was the industrial, side station version of the 830 ag tractor. Here we see one moving dirt with a paddle scraper.

Does Your Two-Cylinder Need a Turbo-Encabulator?

It won't take long for you to realize that this week's video is nonsense. I cannot fathom how the narrator got through this without...

Turbocharging a Two-Cylinder

By Bill Grimes Ever since my experience as a teenager with turbo installations on a couple of two cylinder Deeres—an “A” and an “R”—I had...

Should You be Using This Deere Lubricant in Your Old Tractor?

This week's video is a little different. It concerns Deere cornhead grease. Green Magazine readers know that The Tractor Doctor recommends it for steering...

John Deere Threshers

 There are probably not too many instances where a company began producing threshers after they had already become a presence in the combine market....
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