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Richard Hain


Moving Dirt With a 840 Two-Cylinder Diesel

The 840 was the industrial, side station version of the 830 ag tractor. Here we see one moving dirt with a paddle scraper.

Does Your Two-Cylinder Need a Turbo-Encabulator?

It won't take long for you to realize that this week's video is nonsense. I cannot fathom how the narrator got through this without...

Turbocharging a Two-Cylinder

By Bill Grimes Ever since my experience as a teenager with turbo installations on a couple of two cylinder Deeres—an “A” and an “R”—I had...

Should You be Using This Deere Lubricant in Your Old Tractor?

This week's video is a little different. It concerns Deere cornhead grease. Green Magazine readers know that The Tractor Doctor recommends it for steering...

John Deere Threshers

 There are probably not too many instances where a company began producing threshers after they had already become a presence in the combine market....

The 40 Combine

If you think that harvest time is a lot of work now, imagine having been involved in it anytime between 200 years ago and...

A Really Big John Deere Plow.

Here we have some video of a 14 bottom John Deere plow. True it's not being pulled by a John Deere, but it is...

Harvesting Corn with a 55 and a 520

Here's a late model 55 combine and a 520 with New Idea cornpicker harvesting corn.

The V-12 5020

What do you get when you install a Detroit V-12 engine in a 5020? A tractor that a tractor pull sled can hardly slow...

Eight Waterloo Boys Heading Home

Green Magazine lined up eight of the Waterloo Boys at the Altamont, Illinois show for a photo. Here they are as the begin heading...
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