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Richard Hain


Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the slow laneJuly 1992His business card reads: “No business. Too healthy to beg. Too old to steal. Just a lion around.” Kurt...

Introducing the 5020

Here's a short video originally produced by Deere that tells us about the 5020.

How Slow Will a Two Cylinder Run?

The Indianapolis 500 is this weekend and the cars running will have engines revving up to 12,000 RPM. Here's a 1949 John Deere "A"...

Detroit Deere Corporation

The Screaming Jimmy meets the Leaping Deere-almost If you are 40 years old or older at some point while sitting at the coffee shop, outside...

Can Anything Stop an 830 at a Tractor Pull?

This video is a good illustration of the lugging power-torque of John Deere two cylinder tractors.

Removing the Clutch Wheel on Deere Plows.

If you have ever tried to remove the clutch side wheel on a Deere model 51, 52, 4D, 44 or 55 plow you'll know...

John Deere All Wheel Drive Dain Tractor

In this video you'll see the All Wheel Drive Deere owned by the Northern Illinois Steam Power Club. We'll have more information on this...

John Deere Two Cylinder with Advanced Guidance System

Just because you prefer two cylinder tractors shouldn’t mean that you can’t have the latest technology. That’s what Jeff Ludeke of Atlanta, Nebraska seems...

John Deere Model 60 Crawler and MFWD

When Tim Sweeney was a young man his father owned a 40 crawler. He remembers once remarking to his dad, "If we had a...

What Year is My Tractor?

I recently had a question from a reader concerning what year his John Deere two-cylinder tractor was, citing conflicting information he had gotten from...
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