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Richard Hain


John Deere Model 60 Crawler and MFWD

When Tim Sweeney was a young man his father owned a 40 crawler. He remembers once remarking to his dad, "If we had a...

What Year is My Tractor?

I recently had a question from a reader concerning what year his John Deere two-cylinder tractor was, citing conflicting information he had gotten from...

It’s Trusty, It’s Reliable, It’s a “BR”!

It’s trusty,it’s reliable,it’s a “BR”May 1996 In about 1960, at Hillsboro, North Dakota, the R.F. Gunkelman Elevator had acquired the nicest little “BR” John Deere...

Oldest Known Deere Self Propelled Combine

Kevin Bos makes a living farming and repairing machinery for others near Geneseo, Illinois but one of his other interests is old harvesting equipment,...
gas tractor

Bringing The Gas Tractor Into the 21st Century

According to Mr. Thinker’s Almanac Deere’s Waterloo factory built a total of 47,580 3010, 3020, 4010 and 4020 tractors with gas engines. When the...
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