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One of a Kind Diesel B

My fascination with John Deere tractors goes way back.My dad had an “A” and a “B” on our farm that he taught me to...

The Late Styled “A”

Just before the United States entered World War II, John Deere updated its model “A” with a more powerful engine, six-speed transmission and a...

Some Solutions to Leaky Carburetors

Much has been said and done in the direction of old tractor carburetors, especially with the restoration era becoming so very popular and also...


This week's video features a collector known to many, Cork Groth and his GPO tractor.

The Seabee 600

Every once in a while a tractor is chosen to take on a task unlike that of its brethren. These machines are plucked from...

Moving Dirt With a 840 Two-Cylinder Diesel

The 840 was the industrial, side station version of the 830 ag tractor. Here we see one moving dirt with a paddle scraper.

Is There a Hi-Crop Crawler?

One of the advantages of being a little older and retired is the opportunity to do some traveling. Another is the chance that you...

Does Your Two-Cylinder Need a Turbo-Encabulator?

It won't take long for you to realize that this week's video is nonsense. I cannot fathom how the narrator got through this without...
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