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Dealing With Spline Rear Axle Hubs

By Dan Brotzman At one time or another, most of us will end up dealing with the chore of removing a rear tire and hub...

Consecutive Numbered Spoker D’s

I remember the first spoke flywheel model “D” I saw when I was a kid. The county mowed the grass along the roadside with...

The Flathead Engine

As you will notice immediately this video is about the Ford flathead V8 engine. What does this have to do with John Deere? Well,...

A 1940 John Deere Day’s Film

Here's the film you might have seen if you had gone to your local dealer's John Deere Day in 1940.

John Deere’s Lost Models

Every company has its ups and downs. Typically speaking, a company that has more successes than failures will prosper and one with a ratio...

Baling With the John Deere 116W

The John Deere 116 and 114W balers were quite the contraption. Like several of the other early small square balers, the tied bales came...

John Deere Non-Collectibles (because you don’t know what they are)

  Maybe we should have titled this article, “Stuff you’ve tripped over.” Shown here are some things that you probably never knew Deere sold and...

LUC engine on a lawn and garden tractor

In today's video we see a two-cylinder "LUC" combine engine from the 1950s, fitted to a John Deere lawn and garden tractor from the...
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