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Adding a Charging System to an Unstyled D

Last week we gave you the story of two brothers who added electric start to an unstyled "D". This week we follow up with...

A Really Big John Deere Plow.

Here we have some video of a 14 bottom John Deere plow. True it's not being pulled by a John Deere, but it is...

Adding Electric Start to an Unstyled “D”

“You can do anything if you spend enough money and screw up enough parts and equipment. Electric starting was available as a factory option...

Harvesting Corn with a 55 and a 520

Here's a late model 55 combine and a 520 with New Idea cornpicker harvesting corn.

The V-12 5020

What do you get when you install a Detroit V-12 engine in a 5020? A tractor that a tractor pull sled can hardly slow...

The 111 Peanut Combine

Learning about the 111:One summer afternoon in the mid ’90s while sitting around the office, we were discussing the “new” self-propelled peanut combine that...

Eight Waterloo Boys Heading Home

Green Magazine lined up eight of the Waterloo Boys at the Altamont, Illinois show for a photo. Here they are as the begin heading...

Helping Hungary

When I turned to page 25 of the John Deere 4520 tractor article in the August 2006 issue of Green Magazine, the picture of...
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