1935 John Deere D all fuel start up

I wanted one ever since I first saw one over 30 years ago, a 1935 all fuel D. I just purchased it in February this year with the engine locked up and 2 front tires in shreds. I stopped by the tire shop on the way home and bought 2 new tires and 2 new tubes. When I got it home I drained about 3 gallons of water out of the crankcase. I pulled out the spark plugs and filled the cylinder heads with diesel fuel and marvel mystery oil.

After 2 days I chained an 8 ft. 2×4 to the flywheel and was able to break it free. I filled the crankcase with oil and then coasted about 50 yards down hill with the engine turning over. I stopped and put the spark plugs back in.

I thought most of the diesel fuel and marvel mystery oil was already out of the cylinder heads and got my wife in the SUV to try to pull start it but as soon as it started cranking good it shot a geyser of diesel fuel and marvel mystery oil about 30 ft. in the air! And showered down all over me, the tractor, the SUV and even into the driver’s window and my wife! She was Not happy.

The next day I got my son in law to pull me and in no time at all had it running like a top