A Short John Deere Quiz

  1. Which of these models was the first to be introduced?

A. 4000

B. 4320

C. 2520

D. 4520


2. Which of these models did Deere not produce?

A. 4450

B. 4455

C. 4550

D. 4555


3. Which of the following is correct about Waterloo Boys?

A. Early model “N” tractors had chain steer.

B. Late model “R” tractors had auto steer.


4. Which of the following statements about the “A” is true?

A. Some 1946 models had a pressed steel frame and

battery box seat.

B. Some 1947 models were the long hood type.


5. Which of the following did Deere not produce?

A. Slant dash “A”

B. Slant dash “B”

C. Straight dash “A”

D. Straight dash “B”


6. Slant steer 420 tractors began at serial number 125001 except which type that was never given slant steer?

A. Hi-Crop

B. Crawlers

C. LP engine tractors

D. A and C


7. Arrange the following tractors in the order they left the factory, first to last.

A. The first “M”

B. The last “LA”

C. The last “H”

D. The first styled “G” (not GM)

8. Which of these statements is true about the “G” series?

A. Some “GMs” were unstyled.

B. Some “GMs” were styled and had a battery box seat.

C. Some “Gs” were styled and had a channel iron seat.


9. Which of the following did Deere not build a Hi-Crop version of?

A. 2510

B. 3010

C. 4010

D. 3020


10. Which of these two cylinder diesel models was the first to offer direct electric start?

A. 720

B. 820

C. 730

D. 435

And the answers are:

  1. D: The 4520, July 9, 1968. It beat the 2520 by only a week. The 4000 was introduced in February of 1969 and the 4320 in 1971.

2. C: There was no 4550 built.

3 A Early model “Ns” had chain steer; auto steer became an option and eventually standard equipment.

4 B The first “new style A” didn’t appear until March of 1947. A total of 12,532 long hood type “A” tractors were built in the fall of 1946 and winter of 1947 and are considered 1947 models.

5 C There was no straight dash “A.” The long hood “A” and “B” originally had slanted dashes to make seeing the gauges easier. However, the dash on the “B” had to be straightened to make way for levers when the tractor received a six-speed transmission.

6 D Technically “B” also.

7 B, C, D, A: The last “LA” left the factory in August of 1946. The last “H” in February 1947, the first styled “G” on March 7, 1947 and the first “M” on March 12, 1947.

8 C The “M” was dropped from “GM” in March of 1947, but the tractor remained virtually the same until late July of the same year when the “new style G” with batteries under the seat was introduced.

9 B Though you sometimes hear rumors of them, 3010 Hi-Crops always turn out to be something else, usually a 3020.

10 A The 720 in February of 1958.