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A Specialized Look Into The Unstyled Model A


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND… AGAIN…  “A Specialized Look Into the Unstyled Model A” is not a book that will be looked at once and put on the shelf, but a guide to be used by the collector, restorer or anyone who appreciates its uniqueness.

11″ X 8 1/2″, 96 pages, over 100 photos. Soft cover. Printed in the USA.

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John Deere Unstyled Letter Series

This book by Green Magazine gives you the type of information he has included in his previous books, this time it's on the unstyled tractors. Covers models: GP, D, B, A, L, G, AR, AO, AI, BO, BR, BI, BO Linderman, DI, 62, Y, W, AOS, Waterloo Boys and predecessors. This book includes production numbers, year/serial number breaks, original prices, matched working equipment magnetos, carbs, wheels & history.

Soft cover, 8 ½" x 11", 160 pages

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The Handbook Of The John Deere Model A 1934-1938

This Fourth Edition written by Wes Malcolm is an in-depth study of the unstyled model “A” covering every significant design change known to be incorporated into the tractor. The information was obtained from years of research, fellow collectors and from original John Deere Archive documents.

• Contains 95 pages of information with almost 100 photos. Many of the actual parts are disassembled for side by side comparison.

• Identified and dates all the original and replacement wheels known.

• Answers a number of commonly asked questions (such as “Why was third gear slowed down?”).

• Incorporated in the text serial numbers of unusual tractors that still exist.

• Outlines the original documents planning the models “AW,” “AN,” “ANH” and “AWH.”

This new edition has 15 more pages than the already comprehensive previous editions.

11″ X 8 1/2″ (landscape) 92 pages, over 100 photos. Soft cover.

PRINTED IN THE USA. Published by Green Magazine.