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A Specialized Look Into The Unstyled Model B


11″ X 8 1/2″, 84 pages, over 200 photos, most of them color. Soft cover. Printed in the USA.


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The Handbook Of The John Deere Model B 1934-1938

For years now, thousands of you have relied on the Specialized Look Into the Model A book written by Wes Malcolm and published by Green Magazine. Now we offer the same types of information, except about the model “B”, written and compiled by a panel of experts who have spent decades collecting and restoring the unstyled version of Deere’s most popular tractor.

• Contains 84 pages of information with over 200 mostly color photos. Shows nearly every change made in the parts that make up the unstyled “B.”

• Identified and dates all the original and replacement wheels known.

11″ X 8 1/2″ (landscape) 84 pages, over 200 photos (most in color). Soft cover.

PRINTED IN THE USA. Published by Green Magazine.


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