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A Specialized Look Into The Unstyled Model B


* NOTE: The first 500 Green Magazine subscribers to order this book will get a free 11″ X 17″ unstyled “B” POSTER *

11″ X 8 1/2″, 84 pages, over 200 photos, most of them color. Soft cover. Printed in the USA.


You may also be interested in this poster, discounted if packaged and mailed with the book. (no tube)

Unstyled B Poster

This is an 11" X 17" poster of the back cover of the "A Specialized Look Into The Unstyled Model B" book.

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The Handbook Of The John Deere Model B 1934-1938

For years now, thousands of you have relied on the Specialized Look Into the Model A book written by Wes Malcolm and published by Green Magazine. Now we offer the same types of information, except about the model “B”, written and compiled by a panel of experts who have spent decades collecting and restoring the unstyled version of Deere’s most popular tractor.

• Contains 84 pages of information with over 200 mostly color photos. Shows nearly every change made in the parts that make up the unstyled “B.”

• Identified and dates all the original and replacement wheels known.

11″ X 8 1/2″ (landscape) 84 pages, over 200 photos (most in color). Soft cover.

PRINTED IN THE USA. Published by Green Magazine.