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Rip-starting a John Deere Lanz

Deere and Company bought out the Lanz company of Germany in the 1956. One of the tractors being produced at the time was the...

The 720 That Goes “chuff, chuff, chuff”.

 “There is something about steam that gets in your blood.” That’s one of the reasons why, more than five years ago, C.B. Cliburn decided that...

The 435

Almost 60 years ago Deere introduced their small utility tractor with a super charged two cylinder diesel engine, the 435.

I Love a Parade!

I Love a Parade! Sooner or later, nearly everyone who is involved in the antique farm machinery movement either has or takes the opportunity to...

Plowing with a John Deere “LA”

When discussing powerful tractors the "LA" rarely gets mentioned. However as you will see in this video an "LA" has enough power to spin...

The Brand New 4010 is Delivered!

This week's video shows a brand new 4010 being delivered to the Ervin and Willard Jensen farm near Beresford, South Dakota in January of...

The Deere Massey Company?

John Deere enthusiasts like to point with pride to the fact that it is the only major, full line U.S. farm equipment company that...

Two Cylinder Torque

In this week's video we see the last 30 feet of a tractor pull held by the Rocky Mountain Tractor Pullers Association.

John Deere Lemons?

John Deere lemonsJuly 1991I’m sure that the title of this article has already grabbed your attention and some of you readers are already becoming...

Can you Start a Waterloo Boy?

There are a few steps in starting a century old tractor. This video explains how to set the spark and throttle, prime and crank...
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