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Plowing With a Waterloo Boy

What can two cylinders and 750 RPM do? Pull a three bottom plow, that's what!

Fixing a Throttle Friction Disc.

Sometimes just little things can reduce the joy we get from our tractors, like a throttle lever that won’t stay in the position we...

Restoring a Waterloo Boy in 2 1/2 Minutes

Follow the Althaus family of Sublette, Illinois in this time-lapse photography as they restore a Waterloo Boy.

One of a Kind “GP” Test Tractor

ONE-OF-A-KIND TEST TRACTOR     The weather was outstanding, the crowds were everywhere and the 48 acre show grounds of the Texas Early Day Tractor and Engine...

Plowing with a GP

All the way from Holland witness the the sights and sounds of the famous or infamous GP flathead engine.

The 4000

Deere's model 4020 was a stunning success, no matter how you look at it. The 4020 started from the lead that Deere already had...

Rip-starting a John Deere Lanz

Deere and Company bought out the Lanz company of Germany in the 1956. One of the tractors being produced at the time was the...

The 720 That Goes “chuff, chuff, chuff”.

  “There is something about steam that gets in your blood.”   That’s one of the reasons why, more than five years ago, C.B. Cliburn decided that...

The 435

Almost 60 years ago Deere introduced their small utility tractor with a super charged two cylinder diesel engine, the 435.

I Love a Parade!

I Love a Parade!   Sooner or later, nearly everyone who is involved in the antique farm machinery movement either has or takes the opportunity to...
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